Even when I was six, I looked forward to the weekend as it meant I would be allowed two cups of tea a day instead of one (no school meant tea was allowed even in the morning). As far as I can remember, tea is still one of my earlier memories. And today, I look for tea everywhere, in every small town, in every small village, over every big mountain. Whether it is the flavor or the delicate smoke from a piping hot cup, I strive to box a place’s essence in one of those tea-boxes.

Since last year I have tried to combine two of my loves : tea and travel. They came into my life long back, and now have my respect and commitment. So, that’s how travelling teadom came about. The idea is to take a picture of every cup of tea (a lot of times, coffee) I drink or am offered on my travels, and it helps if the location is beautiful, or the cup is exotic.

The project officially started on my trip to Ladakh, and my fellow travellers found it pretty amusing. Four trips into the project, now they take active part in pointing out ideas, and sometimes even reminding me that I need to take a photograph.


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My name is Sriparna Ghosh, and I am a graphic designer based in New Delhi, India.
I run a design firm, tiffinbox with Rohit.
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